VTH Cardiology

The People Serving You

Marisa Ames

Assistant Professor - Cardiology

Contact Information

Email: marisa.ames@colostate.edu

June Boon

Clincal Instructor

Contact Information

Email: june.boon@colostate.edu

I Jung Chi

DVM, MS - Cardiology PhD Candidate

Contact Information

Email: i.chi@colostate.edu

CJ Florian

Cardiology Liaison

Contact Information

Email: cj.florian@colostate.edu


CJ Florian is the Cardiology client and veterinarian coordinator. Please reach out to her via phone or email with cardiology related questions and information.

Allison Gagnon

DVM - Third-Year Cardiology Resident

Contact Information

Email: allison.gagnon@colostate.edu

Hillary Hammond

DVM - First-Year Cardiology Resident

Contact Information

Email: hillary.hammond@colostate.edu

Yvonne Ly

Cardiology Technician

Contact Information

Email: yvonne.ly@colostate.edu

Nicole Maddox

The Pocket Foundation Hybrid OR Technoloist

Contact Information

Email: nicole.maddox@colostate.edu

Chris Orton

Professor - Cardiology

Contact Information

Email: chris.orton@colostate.edu

Kursten Pierce

DVM, DACVIM - Cardiology Fellow

Contact Information

Email: kursten.pierce@colostate.edu

Brianna Potter

DVM, DACVIM - Cardiology Fellow and Faculty

Contact Information

Email: brianna.potter@colostate.edu

Brian Scansen

DVM, MS, DACVIM - Cardiology Faculty

Contact Information

Email: brian.scansen@colostate.edu

Caroline Sloan

DVM - Second-Year Cardiology Resident

Contact Information

Email: caroline.sloan@colostate.edu