VTH Radiation Oncology

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Keara Boss

Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

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Email: keara.boss@colostate.edu

Sarah Bruns

Radiation Oncology Technician

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Email: sarah.bruns@colostate.edu

Theodore Chang

Post Doctoral

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Email: theodore.chang@colostate.edu

Susan LaRue

Professor - Radiation Oncology | Section Head, Radiation Cancer Biology & Oncology

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Office: 970-297-0334

Email: susan.larue@colostate.edu


Dr. LaRue is Professor of Cancer Radiotherapy. Dr. LaRue’s translational research employs naturally occurring tumors in companion animals to develop new combination radiotherapy protocols and better understand the biology of the cancer. Understanding the mechanisms of radiation-induced tissue damage as a by-product of radiation therapy is a primary interest. LaRue is currently working on a project to develop a model of radiation-induced erectile dysfunction, and evaluating radiation protocols that might mitigate non-target tissue damage in radiation oncology therapies of the prostate.

Del Leary

Assistant Professor - Medical Physics/Health Physics

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Office: 970-297-5114

Email: del.leary@colostate.edu


Dr. Leary is our Medical Physicist working in the Radiation Oncology department at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. His research interests are mainly in developing radiosensitizers to help improve the dose discrimination between tumor and normal tissue. He also enjoys research topics in novel therapeutic beam design and image guided radiation therapy.

Thomas Lee

Post Doctoral

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Office: 970-297-4145

Email: thomas.lee@colostate.edu

Tiffany Martin

Assistant Professor

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Office: 970-297-1245

Email: tiffany.martin@colostate.edu


Dr. Martin's publications may also be listed under TL Wormhoudt

Karen Waldchen

Administrative Assistant

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Office: 970-297-4253

Email: karen.waldchen@colostate.edu

Deanna Williams

Certified Veterinary Technician

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Email: deanna.williams@colostate.edu